Thursday, February 10, 2011

Makeup Idea for a Hot Valentine's Date

If you have a date with your special someone for Valentine's Day, here is a fun look to try. I started by sketching out an idea I had.

Now you want to start with a blank canvas. I used Stila's new Prime Pot in Taffy. This is an amazing product because it is waterproof and really helps cancel out the color of your eyelid. This allows whatever color you are using to truly shine.
Now you are going to take a light champagne color and apply to your whole eyelid. Then take a dark brown and apply all the way up to your crease. Remember blend, blend, blend. When you are doing a dark color eyeshadow, you could also apply your foundation last. This will allow you to take care of any fallout. I used Stila's new Trio in Ethereal.
Once you have gotten your color to where you like it, you are going to line your eyes. For this look you will be using a deep brown liner on the top lid and a purple on the bottom. Line your full eye on both top and bottom. I also lined my bottom rim with the same purple color. Smudge your liner out a little on the bottom to give you a more dramatic look. I used Stila Smudgesticks in Lionfish and Purple Tang. Sorry this picture isn't very good. :)
Now apply a few coats of black mascara, blush and your favorite lip gloss. When you use darker colors on your eyes I would recommend a very neutral gloss. Now you have a look that your loved one will love.

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