Monday, August 3, 2009

Quick Tip

I did a Bridal Trial today and the bride had printed me off a picture of the look that she wanted. This made our consultation super easy and she got the exact look that she wanted. As a makeup artist, I hear all the time I want a natural look or a smoky look. But everyone's opinion of each of these is completely different. I do bring a book of different looks to every application for this exact reason. However, I may not have the look you want. This particular girl today had a picture of Kim Kardashian and in my opinion she looked about as close to the picture as she possibly could. So she was happy and so was I. I know that I have done this exact thing when going to get my hair done. As a client you want the person performing your services to know exactly what you want or you could end up very unhappy. I hope this tip will help you guys in getting exactly what you want, whether it be from me or anyone offering beauty services.

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